Let me introduce myself,

My name is Jocelyn, which is pronounced Joss-e-lynn. But Joss is just way easier. I’m a college student in sunny California, studying creative writing and I’m graduating in June 2018.

I’d like to think that over the past few years, I’ve learned a lot. Mostly about myself, but also about life and about others. And as this journey comes to an end, I know I have so much more to learn.

While my future is unclear for now, I look forward to all of the challenges and beauty that will come my way.

Other random facts about me: I’m a Gemini, an ENFP, and a self-classifying Ambivert. I love dairy products waay too much (even though I am lactose-intolerant) and traveling. I believe in creating happiness, positivity and dreaming. But I also believe in the hustle.

How it all started…

Just like everyone else, I’ve had my own set of challenges in my life. And I found a lot of comfort in being different, now. That was not always the case.

While I have always been so proud of not being like other people around me, I was also really insecure about it. Growing up, I was not afraid to do my own thing. But I spent so much of my time thinking that I was different in a “bad” way.

I didn’t want to gossip about other people or to be “fake” to people. I refused to act like my nose was stuck in the air and I didn’t like being anything but nice to people. Unless you gave me reason to be mean to you, then I would be.

Even now, I try to remain as authentic as possible. Not just to show others what they’re doing wrong, but because I know that there is nothing wrong with being yourself.

And there is so much in between this journey that has to do with health and relationships and even life. In fact, there is more of the journey to come. 

So why “It’s a Joss Thing”?

I figured that if I’m searching for someone to relate to, then there are others like me. People like you.

The people who are different than their friends and family who are just looking for someone (anyone really, in my case) to let them know that it’s okay.

While this blog is going to be a lot about what goes on in my life and the lessons I learn, I want to bring a perspective/opinion/advice to those searching for it

In college I had so many questions and I couldn’t find the answers to them because either people didn’t know or they weren’t the one’s with the outlet. And I want to break that silence.

I wanted “It’s a Joss Thing” to give a light to the personal experience and to give new perspectives on life as a college students, a writer and just a human going through life.

People always say that the 20’s are the most formative years and I think that it’s true. Because we deal with so much. And there are so many expectations placed on us that it makes it even harder to deal with things in life.

This space is going to be me being real with you guys. About a lot of things. Health, relationships, life, and pretty much anything that is going to come my way. And maybe it will help you in your journey. Or just give you a new perspective.

It’s meant to be a reminder that we are all supposed to be different. So why not embrace it?