Thanks for visiting Living Life Unplanned!

In case you don’t know who I am, my name is Joss!
I’m a 21-year-old lifestyle blogger and writer from sunny Southern California. Living Life Unplanned is a blog dedicated to documenting the good and the bad as I navigate through life after college without a plan. Which is a first for me, if we’re being honest. It’s going to get real and messy.

How it all started…

If you’ve followed the blog, then you know that I’ve jumped from version to version of my blog. And I won’t even promise that this is the last version of it. What I do know is that this is one that I can see working for a long time to come.
Anyway, my life had always been planned out. School has always been a priority and now that I am finishing with my Bachelor’s in June, and not immediately going into graduate school, I have no idea what to do. Unlike some people who have the fortune of knowing all the steps and the plan to get to where they need to go, I am left clueless. And while it’s scary, I’m looking forward to the challenge of making this year count.
But Living Life Unplanned is not going to just be about this year, but about the rest of my life. I acknowledge that life shouldn’t be planned out and that it’s okay to not know what is going to happen. Which is something I have to remind myself of all the time.

So what does Living Life Unplanned mean?

It means:

That things in life are not going to go the way you want them to no matter how hard you try.

That you are going to find yourself questioning yourself and the world.

And that you are always going to be searching for something.

I figured that if I’m searching for someone to relate to, then there are others like me. People like you. People who are scared of what the future holds and are unsure of what to do next. Living Life Unplanned is my way of sharing my journey with the world and the things that I learn along the way.

People always say that the 20’s are the most formative years and I think that it’s true because we deal with so much. And there are so many expectations placed on us that it makes it even harder to deal with things in life.

This space is going to be me being real with you guys. About a lot of things. Health, relationships, life, and pretty much anything that is going to come my way. And maybe it will help you in your journey. Or just give you a new perspective.

It’s meant to be a reminder that we are all supposed to be different and that life is never going to be fully planned out. So why not embrace it?