Learning is Different Now

As a recent college grad, you would think that I am prepared with all the necessary skills needed to succeed in a digital media industry. At least on the task of creating stories. But it isn’t really the case now. Like I mentioned in my last article, more and more employers are looking for individuals that have a variety of skill sets.  And traditional education doesn’t make that a priority. So of course, the rest is up to the individual to figure out how to become more marketable. 

Because of this shift to needing more skills, learning after college is crucial. Without hands on experience or the opportunity of an internship to gain new skills, online resources are a big deal. Places like Youtube, Brit & Co,  and Coursera are super key to learning new skills and finding new information by some people who know what they’re doing. Lately I have been using Skillshare to learn new skills in order to develop skills I need for digital media.

With a lot more companies that are focusing on educating people on a variety of skills, freelancers are able to develop the skillset that they need in order to succeed. I wish Skillshare was sponsoring this article because I really do love them. And Brit & Co, they offer classes from well known people in their fields to come in and impart their knowledge to complete strangers. And we are the better for it.

Now with traditional education thrown out the window, there is a newfound sense of responsibility that we have to ourselves to be the best we can be at the jobs we have. Or to help us transition into our dream career path. Have you seen the commercial by indeed about someone taking a course in order to get his dream job? Well, life is like that.

Without the desk in front of me, I find myself learning that self care is not just about pampering myself. But it is also about doing things that will be beneficial to me in the long term. Just like I say that physical and mental health are important, personal development is just as important in the wellness spectrum.

I can’t stress enough how important learning is post college or university. It truly is something that we never stop doing as humans and it is our greatest strength. No matter what your education background is like, learning is something that only you know how to make work in your favor. So embrace it and learn more about the life you live and the life you want.


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