Turns Out, Persistence Truly is Key

This past Monday, life hit me kinda hard. In the morning I realized that in January 2019, I have to start paying back my student loans. And with a part-time job, I don’t think I’ll be able to pay off as much as I wanted to. Then my joint credit card is on the verge of maxing out.

It was one of those day where my anxiety kicked in and I was so scared. At home I shut myself in my room and just played different Youtube videos. It took me a solid hour to feel okay. I even got myself to walk my dog before setting into work mode for the day.

That moment of anxiety kicked me in the behind and reminded me that I have to work to get the things that I want. And that I am not where I want to be. Even with the fact that there are a variety of jobs available, in an article by U.S. News. most college grads are finding pursing their career more challenging than expected. Especially with the fact that companies are looking for well-rounded individuals in their field to fill positions.

I can definitely attest to that. I really did think that getting a job would be a lot easier and turns out that it’s not that easy. Now, more and more, I’m finding that a degree alone is obsolete. Especially for creatives, a well rounded skillset is needed-and lets not forget years of experience- in order to be qualified. Is it just more or does this feel like a personal attack?

With just a part-time job under my belt, I feel like this is a good step. Yet it is still not enough. So even with all the jobs that are available, most new grads are underemployed. So even though the money has the ability to soothe some of the issues, the part-time job is not the best for your career.

Still I often find myself shying away for getting rejected from positions due to lack of experience or skill. The search for a full time job is challenging. And I’m usually just wishing that it weren’t. But we don’t live in that world.

So this search is still teaching me to persist. To not stop even when I think something is going to happen for me. Yes, we can manifest or attract great things your way. But relying on this too much can leave you frustrated and confused, like what happened to me this week. Taking action is just as important to getting to where you want to be. Still trust the timing.



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