Learning to Cook

If I’m being totally honest, my idea of cooking was heating up frozen foods. And obviously I was really good at it. When I had no time to actually make a meal, having quick and easy things to make was the only reason I ate. Also fast food was key. 

With more time on my hands than I’m used to, and with human needs, I’m learning how to actually cook. And while I wish I was whipping up some amazing dishes for the most part I’m doing better than I was before. 

Start with the basics

One of the things I learned to do early on was breakfast. I learned how to hard boil eggs and make my own breakfast that now I have a variety of options of what I can eat for breakfast. 

Other than breakfast foods I started learning how to cook pasta and meats so I can have a simple but filling dish. Salads not that hard so I added marinated chicken. Rice, beans, and other staple foods quickly became a part of my cooking skills. 

Building basics

To be honest, most of the things we eat are a combination of a few ingredients. So it’s no surprise that I started to add things together in order to make a full meal. And it’s a lot simpler than we’d lead on for it. 

Meal kits

I wasn’t a cooking fan until I got hello fresh. No, this isn’t sponsored but I wish it was because man did I love to food I got every week. Or at least for the two weeks I had it. 

It was so simple and it really encouraged me to think of good combinations I would it normally do. It was a great jumpstart into cooking. And I totally recommend it if you are looking for a way to meal prep for one person or if you want some guidance when you’re cooking. It truly is meant for everyone. 

Get Creative

Nothing about food is supposed to be one hundred percent perfect. Unless you are getting paid to cook beautiful meals and have years if training under your belt, stop worrying about your feels being Instagram worthy. It looks better to know you tried than feeling terrible for not being able to document the food. Besides were meant to eat it anyway. So do you really need to take pictures?

Or try figuring out what ingredients you have in your pantry and fridge in order to come up with a different food combination. I know that there is a website that can help you find or build a recipe when you input the ingredients you have available.

Learning to cook has been messy. But it also has been a lot of fun learning how to make things work. Even when I think that something turned out horribly, I often surprise myself when my family tells me that the food I made was actually good. Best feeling ever. Anyway, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to make some dinner for the family. I still don’t know what it will be. And that’s the fun part.

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