Note to Self: Try Not to Overspend

Even with the best budget in play, there always seems to be the temptation to buy something even if it means pulling money from an unknown source. This happens to me especially when I am using shopping as a self-care practice. There are times I buy things without really wanting or needing them and I regret it later when I see it going unused. But I think we all do this sometimes. 

Blurred lines

Shopping can be relaxing but also stressful. I have gone in plenty of times to a store intending to only buy one item but some how ending up is out more than I anticipated. You can often find me walking through a store multiple people times. Don’t worry I’m not stealing just attempting to talk myself out of buying more with a ton of mental math. 

I think that it’s fine to shop. But being mindful is important especially if you’re on a budget. Like I mentioned in my last post, ask youreself if you want or need this item. And really be clear on what is a need versus a want. More often than not it’s a want. 

Patience without the guilt trip

I recently just bought a few things from Old Navy that I deemed okay for me. Now that I’ve done so I do feel a bit guilty about it even though I really liked and needed what i bought. In all honesty I’m being a bit too harsh on myself for buying what I did (two dresses and two sports bras). I could have bought one less dress or just put it all back. But my reality is that I bought the items. And truth be told it’s okay. 

Spending money on yourself isn’t a bad thing. I always used to feel guilty about replacing clothes and buying things I actually needed. But that’s the opositor of self care. I used to rag on myself for spending money when I shouldn’t be. But we are human. We do things that aren’t always the best. But we can learn from them. No matter what I still have the power and opportunity to make things turn out okay. So I have to have faith in that. It’s not easy but it’s a lot better than being mean to yourself. 

Knowing when to stop

Usually when I walk around a store a few times you can find me picking things up and putting things back. I often know my limits and can remind myself to put things down. But that took a lot of time. 

Starting to figure out what you need to do in order to keep yourself according to a budget or just from spending all your money is a key factor in being realistic with your money. In fact just making sure you are conscious of your budget or money puts you one step ahead. It gives you an opportunity to plan ahead and maybe even better prepare for the future.

I’m not sure what your financial goals are. And I’m sure as heck not at alll qualified to give money advice. But I am allowed to share what has helped me in my journey. And to remind you that it’s okay not to have the prettiest bank account. Be human and own up to it. Just don’t forget to strive for better. 


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