Not Feeling So Alone Anymore

I’ve recently been thinking about how great it feels to go out with friends. It seems a bit intuitive if you’re in your 20s that going out with friends is the best part of life. Since getting my puppy, I’ve been homebound since I am his mom and I have to take care of him. So when the opportunity arrived, I got someone else to take care of him and took off.
I went to a surprise party for a friend that I really haven’t seen in about a month. Being back around that group really was like a breath of fresh air. I was feeling so stuck in my house and like I was alone, but at that moment I was not. Then when we surprised him and we were giving birthday hugs, he was so touched that I had come.

Resurfacing for a Moment

In moments like the one I just described, or when seeing friends after a long time apart, we get reminded that we are not alone and that we add value to other people’s lives. It’s a sweet sentiment in the moment, but a comforting feeling when we have the time to think about it.
Taking a moment to find our way back to our friend groups can be really helpful in breaking the thought pattern that we are alone. Truth is, we are never alone. There is always going to be people that are around you, whether or not you acknowledge them. I’ve found it’s helpful to start making a list of the people that I have in my life to talk to. This is so helpful when I feel like there isn’t anyone at all.

Explore What the World Has to Offer

Since I’ve been feeling too homebound, my mom suggested finding a class I want to take in the city or going window shopping in local stores to get my mind off of things. My best friend suggested we set up “study” dates and do work that needs to get done in that time. Finding ways to get back into the world is so helpful in boosting your belief that the world is filled with other people that feel just like you.

You Are Not Alone

This was not the most helpful thing to hear when all I could focus on is the fact that I felt alone. There are always going to be times where this happens, but it’s important to note that we have all experienced the same things, for the most part. There will always be change, fear, and uncertainty. And there will always be someone who can relate. Maybe you just haven’t found them yet.

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