Means Your Expectations Might Cause Heartache

I am in the final week of my current job at my university and I don’t have anything lined up immediately after this position ends. If you would have asked me a few days ago, I would have told you that I am nervous. That it is kinda scary to not know what is going to happen when all of a sudden things are not so easy or the same or stagnant. But the truth is I don’t really feel nervous or scared. I’m actually excited.
Think about it… When will I ever again have whole days to do what I want to do? Of course, I will still be taking care of responsibilities and looking for a job but I will get to do what I want with my free time. I can take skillshare classes for fun or try to take up a new hobby or most importantly play with my puppy.
This is still a unique time of transition and if we’re being honest, it is not going how I thought it would. Of course, a small part, okay maybe a huge part, of me wanted to have a job lined up and ready to go and another part of me is almost aching for the freedom. But if there’s anything I learned this summer it’s that, my life has its own timing guided by God and the Universe. Of course, I can ask and pray for the things I want in my life, because I do believe the Law of Attraction works, but I have to learn to give things time.
This is the most uncomfortable thing about life: the growing pains. As a kid, we used to stretch and feel like we were always going to be in pain from stretching. Or we sat there and waited for our acne to clear up. Or for us to just feel confident in ourselves. It felt as though we were never going to get to where we wanted to be. But we are. I used to have so much acne as a teen that I was so embarrassed by it that I would pick at it and hope that no one would notice. Without those years, and finally realizing that my mom was not just telling me to wash my face for her enjoyment, I’ve reduced my acne by a long shot and my skin looks great.
Growing pains, though uncomfortable, are signs that we are working towards that thing that we want most. Is it going to hurt? Probably. Is it going to take longer than expected? Maybe. Is it going to be worth it? Of course. It’s not in anyone’s interest to stay the same way they are in this moment. There is always a way that we can be evolving whether it be physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. Growth is part of human nature.
Truth be told, I have no advice on how to make it through because in reality I still don’t know how to make the growing pains hurt any less than they do now. And I don’t think it’s our job to make the growing pains more manageable because they are such a beautiful part of being alive. All I can suggest is that you breathe through it. You’ve made it this far and you’ve got so much farther to go. So why not believe that it’s all going to work out in your favor? Life’s much more fun that way.

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