Developing a New Routine

“When you want something, all the Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”-Paulo Coehlo
In this time where personal development and self-help books are everything, we’ve all heard from somewhere the idea of the law of attraction. Whether or not you believe in it is completely up to you. As I’ve started taking care of my mental and physical health, I can see that there is a reason why people believe in it.
Last week, I wrote about finding out what my values are in life as a recent graduate with no real plan coming up. That was such a wake-up post for me. In that post, I mentioned health as a value, one that is more serious now, and  I worked through my first week of taking part in my first Diet Bet. Which if you haven’t heard about it, it’s worth a shot to motivate you to keep up with weight loss. Before starting the bet and beginning all over again on the journey to lose weight, I always said that my health was important. But I didn’t act like it. Now, I’m becoming more accountable and really making sure I do own up to the fact that my health is a priority.
Getting routines set up to help keep you accountable can be hard. I remember a few weeks back, I walked into my parent’s room and broke down. I was feeling anxious, stressed, and really concerned about my health. My mom, frustrated with me for good reason, told me I HAD to walk her dog at 5 am every day that week. I was so desperate I agreed. Since then, I’ve been getting up early to walk the dog. Now that my running training is increasing, I’ve left the dog at home and ventured out by myself. Had I not gotten that kick from my mom, I would not have started getting up so early to walk/run.
It’s not easy to develop a new routine to shift your habits according to your values and personality. I spent most of July stress eating, spending way too much money, and feeling alone. So I decided that I needed to change. Last week I made an array of healthier meals than I was typically eating and reduced the amount of fast food I consumed. This past weekend, I meal prepped. I spent some time on Saturday prepping and Sunday packaging everything.
I found ways to take care of myself that include going out with friends, journaling, playing with my dog, yoga, and of course running. None of this fits into what I would like to do, which is watch Netflix in bed, but it helps me feel so much better than I do when I don’t do it.
Developing a new routine means that we have to take a look at how we spend our days. I did this last week on a weekday, which is more consistent than a weekend, and I realized how much time I have in the evening to do activities that make me feel good and not like I’m just wasting a bunch of time. It’s easy to validate why we should just sit back and relax but the truth is that we can find more often than not, we like to have something to do in order to wind down at the end of the day.
If you find yourself not getting into the habit of our routine, try putting it in your planner. It may seem like a lot that you need to get done that day, but it holds you more accountable for it. Then once you have it set in your day, take it off the calendar. It’s all about baby steps

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