Manifesting a Smoother Transition

Transitioning from one stage of life to another can be hard. In the month and a half that has passed since I crossed my graduation stage, it feels as though my life is quickly turning to shreds. And as I watch my summer go by, I got a puppy, as you may know, who is really turning my life upside down. However, I realized after watching Gala Darling’s High Vibe Honey for the week that I’ve been only focusing on the chaos that’s around me.
In the video, she pulls a five of cups and immediately I don’t have any reaction to it. I see what everyone else would see, three spilled cups, a guy stressing about it and two that are still standing. Whether you believe in tarot or not, I think that this is what happens to us when we are in transitional periods of our lives. For the past month and a half, I have been stressing at the fact that my jobs ends in September, frustrated that my life is changing and I feel so out of control, and unsure of what to do since I no longer have school to occupy my days.
I expressed this to my mom who reminded me that I still have a lot of time before and after work to both work out and to make sure that I play and train my puppy. Those are my two cups that remain standing. It’s hard to look past the difficult things that we are facing and to not feel as though we are behind in life. Lucky for us, our lives have a timing that is separate and unique to all of us.
It’s hard to remember that at times because it feels as though we should be up to par with everyone else. That we should be just ticking boxes off of a checklist of what a life should look like. Except I’m sure everyone feels this way, we just don’t talk about it. About the stress, anxiety, worry and pressure that we not only put on ourselves, but get from the people that are around us.
Remembering that all the feels are just feelings takes a lot of work. The best thing I’ve done, so far, is focus on what I do have going for me. Like I said, I have no reason to not work out or to play with my puppy. Instead of getting home and being brain tired, which is so different from body tired, I should find ways to get out of my head that don’t require a glowing screen.
It’s hard to even change that habit and to create new ones that you’ll have to stick to. But the benefits of actually seeing it through are so much better than the current situation. And that’s what I’m manifesting for myself this week. That I actually stick through my workouts and make changes that are going to help me in the long run.
I don’t know that this is going to help any one, or maybe it is, but I hope that this reminds you that it’s time to get out of our fears and into the moment that we have. Besides, it’s the only one we’ll ever have. And that you always have a choice to either focus on what is not going right or what is going right.

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