So You Graduated College, Now What?

It’s been just over a month now and if you’re like me, this future is a bit overwhelming. I constantly feel like I am teetering on the precipice of being an adult but not really an adult. It doesn’t help that I am taking the year off and then going to grad school. Or at least I hope to go to grad school.
Luckily, I have work to help me move through my days with some sort of purpose. If you are sitting at home, I would recommend finding a way to add some routine into your life. Everywhere we turn, there are people claiming the power of their morning/night routine. So why shouldn’t we also have one?
In times of transition, especially like this one, everything seems chaotic. Nothing is in your control and all you want is to make it go away. Trust me, I get it. But finding small things that you can do every day that make it easier to do the daunting tasks is a game changer.
Working a part time job can also be helpful in the pursuit of a future that is clouded. Having that stability of knowing there is something that you have to do, is a great block of time to schedule your life around. Plus, you get paid and it can always go on your resume.
Still have some doubts about the future even with a routine and things to do? Take a deep breath. Trust in your abilities and the timing of your life/God/the Universe or whatever you believe in. It’s really hard to surrender to this notion because it feels like we should have it all together. We see tons of examples of people who do have it together after college, so the pressure is really on.
But it shouldn’t be. Your path is not the same as your friend’s path. Remind yourself of this. Breath. Enjoy your life because it is the only one you get to have. The more time we spend wasting on worry and fear and doubt that things will ever come our way, not only do we not get to be active in the life we are living, but we are also sending a message that says “Hey I don’t want (insert job/person/money/thing here). Thanks anyway.”
I know it sucks. I have tons of bad days where all I want to do is stay at home and watch Netflix all day. But there are also good days where I feel like putting on makeup- and I am not good with makeup. All I can do is take each day in stride, follow what my mind, body, and spirit are telling me to do and just enjoy the moments that I have.
Stay present and trust all will be well

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