Changing Mindsets

Since I’ve been using July as a time for new habits to form, quite quickly too with my newest addition, I’ve noticed that my biggest road block is my mind set. And this is totally normal. I think it’s the brain (and body) saying, “What are you doing?! We weren’t doing this before!” However this can be a problem.

At the moment when you are supposed to be pushing through, it feels like you’re running up a brick wall. And you’re getting electrocuted somehow. This is when we give up or claim that we don’t really want it bad enough.

I’ve had this moment so many times with school related stuff or even personal endeavors. This is probably what has kept me from losing weight.

When the going gets tough, it’s easy to just go back to the way things were before the resistance. We forget that a little resistance makes us stronger, better humans. And I say this as someone who completely recognizes my lack of trying to change my mental state in order to get external gains.

This is probably why every self help book talks about finding your “why” or the reason you are doing what you’re doing. It’s hard to connect with it when it’s so far away. Try writing it out like it’s already yours. Or write your why so many times that it’s ingrained in you or it feels like it’s yours.

My why? I am working on focusing on my health. But one of the more immediate, and I will probably write more on this, thing I need to focus on is getting a job. Why? Well puppies are not cheap. And with the amount of training I know he can handle, that’s going to require some money and time to invest in him.

But my main why in life is to help others. I’ve always been creating in some capacity and I know that’s my way of connecting to others. The rest is unknown but I can trust my why enough to live in the dark.

How to change your mindset

Start asking yourself if what you’re thinking is in line with your why. Does it sound like you’re talking to someone you dislike with a passion? Or does it sound like the way you would talk to your best friend?

I am so guilty of telling myself some really shitty things. In the last couple days it’s been that I am not good enough to have Pepper. However I feel that it is untrue.

I started to challenge myself when I’d think of something bad about myself. I’d wonder if there is a chance that I am enough. Slowly the realization that I can do this is creeping up on me.

Another way to change your mindset is to just surrender. Surrender to the event or the thing or the process or life. Just surrender. Stop making it so hard for yourself to do anything.

I thought that I would be able to do this. I have been putting work in to take care of the puppy and it’s been great. But I’m drained and I am lacking energy. I had expectations and planned out how everything “should” work out. But admitting you need help can be your saving grace.

Surrendering to my physical limitations and the puppy’s desire to really just be himself, allowed me to reach out for help. I got a chance to nap for about and hour and a half. Am I still tired? Yes. But I’m feeling a lot better now than I did before. It’s allowed me to get some things done so that tomorrow morning I am not so cranky.

Changing our mind set takes a lot of conscious effort. But the results are worth it.


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