Challenging Expectations

It’s day three of having a a new puppy in the house and man, did I turn into a dog mom real quick. Every day has been a learning experience with a small child that constantly needs my attention. And while it may not seem so big a deal but it is. It’s become hard to keep up with my own daily routines that my life is falling by the wayside. Okay maybe not so dramatic, but it has changed.
I thought I knew what it was to be a selfless person. After all, I could probably write a whole book on how to help others always without regard to your own self. But turns out, I am entirely wrong.
Owning a puppy really is like having a child. You don’t know how much sleep you’ll get, eating habits are sporadic, and it whines..a lot. But getting a few moments to play with it makes it so much better.
I expected puppy hood to be this amazing time where I would pretty much be in a scene from a movie. Nothing terrible, always manageable. But from the first day, was that shattered. Parenting qualities kicked in and there I went after a dog that I was already slightly regretting. He was nothing like I expected.
I was immediately overwhelmed with the reality that I was a bit in over my head. Nothing was going to be the same the moment I had him in my arms in my house. I panicked not believing that I was good enough to have Pepper in my life.
How ever, the unconditional love I have for this dog is everything that I expected. So what if everything else is nothing like I planned? In my case, my expectations cause me anxiety. If I worry too much about the future or the past, I get so wrapped up in my head that I am unable to really just enjoy what I do have in front of me.
Does that mean I have to go out of my comfort zone? YES! Doing the things that will scare us can either make or break us. Yes I have a lot of fear about this pup, mostly about my not being good enough. But I am also really excited to bond a lot with him and to just enjoy the stages of his life.
Challenging our own expectations of what life should be like is part of our managing our reality. Though we inherently know that we have no control over the world, we still manage to set some pretty high expectations for what should happen. Now if you’ll excuse me, I am about to go take care of the pup before sleeping.

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