There is Never a Right Time

I got a puppy! It’s day one of being a new momma and I’m already freaking out and tired.

Getting my new dog was so exciting that I go drained fast. Then add to the fact that I think he might have some sort of bugs on him and I have absolutely no stuff for him, I am overwhelmed.

I almost didn’t get my dog. I was so afraid that this was not the right time to get a dog. With work taking up 8 hours of my day and knowing that I want to provide the best I can for my dog, I was almost convinced that I could not be even remotely close to ready. Unfortunately my brain shut off and my heart said yes to getting the dog the moment I put him in my arms.

But as reality set in, I realized that there never is an ideal time to get a puppy or move across the country or do what scares you the most. There are always going to be reasons why you shouldn’t do the thing or why it’s such a bad idea. But there are bound to be good things if you do go for it.

I knew I wanted a bigger dog so that I have to walk them and eventually I could have a running partner. But I also knew that I wanted a dog that was well trained. Which means a lot of work. So I’m in the middle of the work stage.

My brain isn’t functioning, I’m hungry, tired, and now I have a dog child. I’ll probably elaborate on this some more when I can.

Wish me Luck!

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