Dealing with Mental Health

The last few days have been really interesting to say the least. Since Saturday night, well actually Sunday in the early hours, my anxiety kicked in. Let me first say that I’ve not been diagnosed with anxiety by a mental health professional. But my mom, who is in the field, has seen that I exhibit some symptoms.

Any way, since getting to college, mental health has always been something that people spoke about. Whether it be the people I care about working through some stuff or just my professors making us aware. And while my mom had mentioned my anxiety, I didn’t really think I displayed symptoms. So I didn’t really worry about it.

But after living with someone who was living with mental health illness, I really began to understand how much mental health mattered. Because I was so affected, I went to see someone for the first time. I learned more from my mom and peers who were passionate about dispelling mental health stigma.

I never thought that I would be affected so far afterwards the initial situation with my roommate. But the truth is I really did manage my anxiety well.

Things that worked for me

I learned early on that making lists and planning things out ease my anxiety. I’m able to digest information better when I see it in bite sized chunks. Then I can move forward with a better understanding of what I need to do.

Sometimes though getting it all out on paper isn’t easy and feasible because there is so much. Talking things out with people I trust and just noting the important parts afterward allows me to fully express myself.

I know this last one is something that everyone says, but moving is so important. I realize now that running and working out keeps me grounded and within my body and not my mind.

Moving forward

As all of you know, I use a bullet journal. And when most people think of bullet journals, habit trackers also come to mind. And I had to take mine out previously because I was causing myself anxiety. But now I’m using it as a tool to make sure I do all the things that calm my mind.

I’m also looking into my resources. I’m so lucky to be able to have access to help. And I’m going to take advantage of it.

It’s so easy to think that we can handle our battles alone. But when we are able to admit that we need help, we are able to come out the other side stronger.

If you’re living with mental health conditions, please do not feel afraid to reach out to someone for help. You’d be surprised about who’s willing to help.


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