Hearing the Right Thing at the Wrong Time

Sometimes we hear all the right messages. Whether it be from the people around us or from various forms of media, we are told exactly what we need to know about living a full life. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we are able to fully understand those messages. It’s just like giving advice to a friend that you should be following, but don’t. Every single one of us has been guilty of this. I am guilty of this. Other times though, the message finally does come through and it isn’t a huge revelation (or maybe it is).
With everything that goes on in our lives, it’s hard to distinguish the lessons we need to learn from the not-so-useful advice that people give us as we interact with them for only a few minutes. In this time of discovery, I feel as though I am constantly throwing everything at the wall and hoping that something sticks. Yes, I’m tired and no, I don’t know what else to do. But I don’t think that anyone really does.
I’d recently been finding ways to get it through my thick head that I need to focus on my health. You would think that with a lifetime of explanations and people urging me to take the step, I would get it. But I didn’t. Much like messages of self-care and self love and mental health, there is a constant barrage of messages. And with so much to tune into, it gets hard to really find something that resonates with my efforts. So eventually, I let the pressure of finding a way to motivate myself to fall by the wayside and I focused on other aspects of my life.
And in the midst of everything, I remembered that I want to help the people in my life and one of the best ways for me to do that is to help myself. It was funny to me that I felt that this was such a revelation, mainly because we hear this same metaphor all the time: help yourself before you can help others. But this resonated with me so much this time around.
Although I haven’t started a new routine that includes taking care of my health, I have acknowledged that it is time to make a change. Understanding something old for the first time has just a large impact as crying at the sudden realization that you need to slow down. Awareness is the first step in making changes and with the understanding that my ability to help others goes only so far due to my own health concerns, is a game changer.
I don’t necessarily know what is coming next, but I do know that change is coming. Whether it be good or bad, change will bring the lessons we need to succeed in the future.

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