Facing Your Fears

Sometimes in life, doing the thing that scares us is necessary. I’m always hearing my favorite Youtubers say that growth happens outside of our comfort zones. And so I try to push myself to do things I’m not used to. One of the things I’ve done recently is deliver a speech at my church for the graduating class.
I was hesitant to do this at first, but I immediately thought back to my ethnic studies class I took this quarter. In the middle of our conversation about who know what, I made a note of what we were discussing and knew that it would belong in a speech. I even n though about looking into being a commencement speaker at my own graduation. Which I did look into but sighed, very relieved that the deadline had passed.
Just a few days before the ceremony for graduates at my church, I was asked to be the student speaker. I said yes and remembered that moment in my class where I was sure that what I learned that day was going to be in a speech. It’s funny how things wok themselves out the way that they need to be.
Anyway, I ended up delivering that speech in front of a pretty crowded church. Was I nervous? Yes. Did I trip, fall or pass out? No. Did I die? Again, No. It was well received and all of the people that I truly loved were so happy and proud of me for delivering it. (In case you want to read my speech, it will be posted at the end of the post!)
We so easily get into our heads about what could happen that the fear turns into one of the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park that chases us until death occurs. When it probably isn’t so bad. Most of our fears are conquerable and the more time that we spend in fear of them, the more power we give them.
I don’t really know what else I am fearful of, other than the lack of plans in my immediate future. But this year in between grad school, I intend to spend pushing myself out of my comfort zone and living life to the fullest. Besides one of the best markers of a good life is that you live with no regrets and do no harm to yourself or others.
Be free and live life the way you want to
Congratulations class of 2018… we did it! Time has truly flown by and now, here we are, ready to cross into a new chapter of our lives. in my time here at UC Riverside, one of the lessons that has stuck out to me is that we, as children of God, are not meant to live this life alone.
I remember my first week as a freshman feeling alone and looking for a way to make new friends. With so many options to choose from, I knew I waned to find a way to get involved here at the church. And I’m glad I did. I, like many of you, have formed bonds with friends that extend beyond the church itself.
I am so grateful to have found my place in the student choir as all of you have found a place where you belong here within the community center. We are meant to take an active role in the communities that we form. To commit fully to each other in the good times and in the bad.
I have no doubt that these communities we have formed will last for years to come. And when we look back on our short time here, the moments that will remain ingrained in our hearts and minds will be those in which we shared moments of joy and happiness with one another. All of this to say thank you. Thank you to our parents, friends, and classmates for heir constant outpouring of love and support on this journey.
However our journey is far from over. We now have a commitment to an unknown future, but most importantly, a commitment to live our lives according to God’s will. And trust in His plan. Though we may not know yet where we are headed, we can continue to rely on the support of our communities, just as they rely on us.
I have faith that God has a beautiful life planned for each of us. And I wish you all the best of luck on your journeys as you continue to walk in faith on the path that God has meant for you. Once again, congratulations class of 2018 on all of your accomplishments.
Thank you.

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