The Year of Me (and You)

This coming Sunday, I’m graduating with my Bachelors of Arts in Creative Writing. It’s crazy to think that my time here at the school is now over. But of course life does not stop and wait for you once you have graduated.
If you can’t tell by the title, I’ve decided to shift my perspective on my gap year from one of fear to excitement. Since I’ve decided that I was going to take a gap year, I’ve been pretty afraid of what was going to happen. I let others get into my head especially regarding my finances. It’s been a huge stress currently.
I decided to change my mindset when my friends and I got to go to the nail salon together. And my friend had mentioned that this was going to be her summer. And our own summer. That immediately felt weird to admit that this would be summer. But I decided that this should also be my year. To do whatever it is that I want to do. To not be afraid of what is coming next and believing in myself and my ability to make it happen.
This is a huge undertaking, for me especially, because I think I have always been a little fearful of the things that I don’t know. And to just not worry is almost like giving my control on my life. But I think it’s necessary. Especially now.
I recently got to go to New York for the Teen Vogue summit, more on that in another post, and see my friend. She has been such a great motivator and someone that I feel really can relate to what I am doing-even if she is much older than me. Anyway, we had dinner and I told her that I’m a little terrified that I have no plan for the first time ever. And she reassured me that it’s okay and that sometimes, no plan is the best plan.
So since then, I’ve decided that I really need to change my mindset. Living in fear is not a good thing to begin with. I’m sure that just being afraid leads to less things that you can experience. And I never want to not experience my life to the fullest. Life is meant to scary, but it’s also meant to be lived according to our own terms.
So I plan to make the most of my year. To push myself out of my comfort zone and to really do as much as I can to live a life that I am excited about. I honestly can’t wait for the travel and the chance to explore the world I am in.

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