Being Open to Receiving

Over the weekend, I saw this quote on my Instagram feed, “You attract what you are ready for.” I immediately resonated with this. Between the messages I’ve been getting from God and the Universe in a variety of ways and graduating from school, I’m feeling really grateful. And I’m also all ears to everything that is coming my way.
I haven’t been so consistent here on the blog the last few weeks. When it comes to school, I feel like I’ve been hitting a wall or the wall has been hitting me. Either way I am being attacked and I am just tired. Not that it’s an excuse, but in this time I did a lot of soul searching of what’s holding me back. Most of it is just fear of failing. Which at this point in my life is kind of inevitable.
Nothing about this life is guaranteed. There is no for sure outcome in where your life turns out the way that you want it to. And although there is a certain freedom in being able to create our ideal life, there is a lot of unknown. I’m still accepting the fear and I am looking for options to make my future not look so scary.
While I am working to find the life that aligns with who I want to be, which is a long way from here because there is a lot of work to be done, I am becoming more aware of what is calling my name. While on my break from the blog, I noticed a bit more people finding their way to my blog (thanks!) and I was just blown away. I’ve realized that my fear of failing at this blog is not something I need to be worrying about right now. In fact it should be something that I jump into instead.
When there are signs or opportunities that are coming your way, make an effort to pursue them. Don’t just let these opportunities go by, they came your way for a reason. Who are you to tell the universe that this is not what you want? Especially because it could lead to something much more than what it looks like.
Being open to receive is not about doing what ever comes your way, but following where your gut or the good vibes from the thing that is knocking on your door. No matter what, you lose nothing from just experiencing another slice of life’s pie.

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