Living Our Imagined Lives

The other day I was reading a book for class and the main character talked about imagined lives. You know exactly what I mean. Those daydreams and fantasies you have of your life. I love to escape to my imagined life, mostly because it is aligned with my best version of myself.

And while normally this would be shrugged off, I think these imagined lived are important. The person we usually imagine ourselves to be is a better version of ourselves. We’re confident, bold and unafraid. For me, my “best” imagined self is at a healthy weight. This version of us is the person we are meant to become. Why? Because this is what most of us work toward.

Whether we know it or not our spirit or souls wants these things because we are meant for them. We are the only ones that are able to give us what we truly want. However, we are our greatest roadblock.

When I got my tarot reading, I was told that the reason I am not getting things I want is because I’m in my way. Why? Because I don’t believe the possibility or even the slightest chance that it will work. I bet a lot of people do the same.

So why not just believe, even for a moment? Try asking yourself what can go wrong or right? We can even start by writing affirmations multiple times like Sam Brown does. Or we can just tell it to ourselves daily. Believing these imagined lives can happen is the only  part of the answer. Hard work and dedication really make the imagined lives come to life.

So start believing and commit to putting in the work. I know I need to.

What can you do to make your imagined life a reality?


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