A Little More Self Lovin’

Hey guys!
If you haven’t noticed, this little corner of the internet got a new name. So welcome to Living Life Unplanned.
Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about life after college and then panicking shortly after. This is the first year, of my life, that I have no plan. To say it scares me, is stating the obvious. Which led to me changing the name of the blog.
Anyway, one of the things that I’ve picked up on is giving myself some love. I’ve always struggled with being nice to myself and just understanding what it is I really need. I’ve had the really cool pleasure of talking with Chelsea (@thenewagemystic on Instagram) when she did a tarot read for me. (Side note: things will get a little more “woo” because I find it super interesting). One of the biggest takeaways that I had was that I need to focus on is giving myself some self love.
I’ve really gotten into the habit of doubting myself and just questioning everything that I do. Which leads me to really getting in too deep with my emotions. Not to say that being emotional is bad, but I let these thoughts of doubt allow me to feel as though I am not enough.
So I started to make shifts in the way that I talk to myself. It was hard at first, but now I have gotten a lot better. I realized that my self talk, especially when I am under some sort of pressure, would slip into telling me that I’m not good enough in a variety of ways. The hard part of this is to stop the thought and say to yourself that the negative self talk is a lie. That you are good enough.
It’s become really easy to say, now especially since it’s trending, that we can be a “potato” or that we are a “trash” person. Even if it is a joke, I think there is a hidden truth behind using these words. While we may think that these words are harmless, they feed into the negative thoughts that we often think of ourselves.
If your friend was staying that they were a “trash” person for not texting you back in a timely matter, even if you know that they are a busy person, would you let what they say about themselves slide? I wouldn’t- I would negate that instantly and remind them that they are awesome, even if they don’t text me back. So why not do this for ourselves?

We are our toughest critic and yet we are expected to be our first friend. Let’s try bringing down the negative self talk and go from there.

Baby steps…

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