Making Bullet Journals Simpler

Last but most certainly not least. Bullet journals tend to have really extravagant or creative layouts that look really nice. I get super jealous because who wouldn’t want their own bullet journal to look that nice.
While using tons of washi tape and drawings or super complicated set ups work for some people, I’ve learned that I really like super simple layouts. Most of which are aesthetically pleasing because of the way that they turn out. That happened over time. And one of my favorite things to make bullet journaling a lot simpler are the stamps I’ve purchased by INKYJENG. I promise that I’m not sponsored, I really just love her stamps.
I saw a youtuber using her stickers to set up a future log and when I found her Etsy shop I was so excited to see stamps. Truth be told, I used to scrapbook with my mom and stamps are like my favorite thing. So when I found out that someone was making stamps for bullet journals I got excited. I’ve also bought a stencil from her that I love to use to set up my water tracker.
Another shop that I found to be useful is BohoBerryPaperie. She’s got a youtube channel and a blog that covers tons of different bullet journaling topics. Plus her shop has tons of cute stickers to use in your bullet journal.
Lastly, I was looking for some stencils to use and found Jayden’sApple. It’s another Etsy shop that pretty much has just stencils that fit inside the little pocket in the back of a bullet journal. I’ve been eyeing the 3 piece set for some time now but haven’t pulled the trigger yet.
All of these things make getting things set up in the journal super simple because if you have large handwriting like me, fitting numbers in a small box is not easy. It may be a little more time consuming to put everything together, but I think it’s worth it. Crafting has always allowed me to relax and setting up my bullet journal is a fun way to take a break. So I’m more willing to take the time to stamp things out and to trace things out. This might not be for you and that’t okay.
Take your time to find what you like
PS: Check out my Instagram for a final flip through!

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