Bullet Journal Blunders

Before I get into some of the things that I like to do in my bullet journal, I just want to remind you that bullet journals are meant to be imperfect.
I know that sounds crazy, especially because most of the bullet journals we see online are really aesthetically pleasing or really crafty. But none of that is totally necessary and if you watch some youtube videos about bullet journals, most people make mistakes.
Yup, you heard it here folks. People are not 100% perfect when they make their bullet journals. When most people make bullet journals, they sometimes have a second one to plan things out or they find ways to make the page look nice even after the mistake.
Common ways to fix mistakes are:
  • washi tape
  • white out (duh)
  • cutting another page from a similar notebook on top of the one that has the mistake
  • taping or gluing the two pages together
  • doodles
So if you make a mistake, don’t worry and don’t beat yourself up for it. We are always going to make mistakes as long as we are human. If you’re a robot then you might not make mistakes… I know I make mistakes.
What mistakes have you made while making your bullet journal?

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