Bullet Journal Basics

If you’ve ever wanted to try making a bullet journal and looked up  what they are online, they probably seem super overwhelming. I know that when I started, I wanted to make my bullet journal look 100% perfect. Which lead me to not bullet journaling and then because I didn’t like my planner I vowed to make the new bullet journal as simple as possible. And that made a huge difference. I recommend that if you’re interested in starting a bullet journal to check out the official bullet journal website to start.

Otherwise here are the basics:


Bullet journals usually use the same key. But if you rather use another symbol or add symbols of your own, then you totally can. One of the great things of  bullet journals is that it is totally customizable. For a while I used to use a box to signify a task and a dot to signify a note. As long as it make sense to you then it is okay.

Future Log

 A future log is just a look at the month ahead and any events that are important. I personally like this because I don’t have my months drawn out like in a traditional planner. So this space gives me a chance to have things laid out in advance so that by the time that specifc month rolls around, I can remember what events I have that month.



I didn’t used to this but now that I have I feel like there is no going back. What’s nice about the index is that you can group together pages that are similar, like spreads for the month. If you number your pages (or if your notebook comes with numbered pages) it makes finding things super easy.


Monthly Logs

On the main Bullet journal website, this is just a list of the days and space for the events. I personally prefer to look at the month actually laid out in front of me. It makes finding everything and knowing what day of the week everything falls on so much easier.


Daily log

Some people use one page per day, others use two pages to make a week, or you could use one, or you could use the page as you go. I personally think that finding a daily or weekly log that works for you is a bit of work. But once you find one that works for you, everything is easy from there.
And that’s pretty much it. These are the basic things that bullet journals have. I didn’t list habit trackers because I don’t think they are absolutely necessary to make a bullet journal work. In the end a bullet journal is supposed to be like a to-do list and planner all in one. So if habit trackers help you do that, then include one. If not, then just stick to what you need.
Do you have any suggestions of what “basics” need to be included in a bullet journal? Let me know! And share this with a friend that you think might need a reminder that bullet journals were supposed to be simple not overwhelming.

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