Bullet Journal Haul

Hey guys!
Since it’s Spring Break season, I thought it would be fun to do a series this week about Bullet Journaling. To kick things off, I’m sharing a list of all the things that I use in my bullet journal.
Before I do that though, I think it’s incredibly important to remind everyone that you don’t necessarily need all of this stuff to make a bullet journal. In fact all you really need is a notebook and a pen. Everything else is just extra. Don’t worry about making the journal pretty. The first step is to find a template that works for you, then you can make it pretty.
Everything that I use now is stuff that I’ve acquired over time and use pretty minimally. Also I am not sponsoring any other the products I am sharing with you today. I genuinely just like these products a lot and like to share them with others.
First let’s start with the notebook:
I personally use a Leuchtturm 1917 because I like the fact that the paper is a bit thicker than a Moleskine. But there are tons of people who use Moleskines more or other notebooks. You don’t even need to use a dotted notebook if you don’t want to. You can choose from a lined, dotted, blank, or even gridded noteboook.
One down side to the Leuchtturm is that some pens and stamps do bleed through. It doesn’t bother me much, but if you know it will bother you find a notebook with a higher GSM or grams per square meter.
I recently bought two stamp kits from inkbyjeng and have been loving them. Although it is a bit more time consuming to stamp somethings out, I love the fact that all my numbers are the same. Plus I love the fact that when I make mini calendars to look at on my weekly pages, I don’t have to make it myself. It makes it so easy.
The only one I’ve been using a lot it the one I bought from inkbyjeng. It makes putting my water tracker in super simple. I also use it as a straight edge to put in my weekly habit tracker. But I also have this circle one in case I want to do any circular doodles.
Usually I only use what I have and that used to be just some plain Sharpie highlighters, my box of Crayola markers and a pen. But I recently bought some Zebra Midliners and Tombow dual brush pens. I primarily use my midliners to bring some color to the page since they don’t bleed as much in my Leuchtturm. And I intended to use my Tombow brush pens to create nice titles, but I still need to work on my hand lettering. As for the pen I use, I just use whatever I have on me since I’m not too picky about what pen I use.
And that is all I pretty much use when I am Bullet Journaling. Make sure to follow my blog so you can get updates about the latest post, especially since this is a special week. Also, if you think someone would benefit from this blog, or even this week of posts, share it.
Tell me, what do you use when you’re bullet journaling?
I can’t wait to hear about what you use

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