My First 5k!

This St. Patrick’s day weekend, I had the awesome experience of going to a 5k. While most people over 21 would not see a 5k as a celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, it was something I would not forget.
Back in January, I made a decision to take my health more seriously. And what better way to motivate myself to train than to sign up for a 5k?
January was off to a good start, until I got into the thick of school and Mother Nature paid a visit. That derailed me for about a week or so. Which turned into almost all of February.
Once March rolled around, I thought all I need to do is just make sure I run a few times before the race so that I make it through. And I told myself, after talking to one of my sorority sisters, that I could finish the 5k in an hour.  Did I run/jog/walk leading up to the 5k? No. Did I still think I could do it in an hour? Yes.
So on Saturday, March 17th I woke up at 4:30 am ready to get to the 5k. Luckily, my mom and brother came along with me for support. Shout out to them for coming with me so early in the morning. I didn’t eat that morning and in hindsight maybe I should have had something more sold. Not that anything bad happened to me physically, but food is the body’s energy source.
We arrived at Dodger Stadium around d 6:20 am and after waiting for a while in our very warm car, we went to check in.
From that moment on, the 5k became real. I was so excited to get out onto the course and just be with everyone. So this led me to checking my phone every 10 minutes to see if I was getting any closer to the race starting at 8am.
Leading up to the start, the energy just climbed. At 6:45 am, the energy level was at a solid 6 or 7. But by the time it was less than ten minutes to start, the energy level was at a ten. I was so pumped to go out to the course by then.
Then the race started and I sent through the hills around Dodger Stadium, finishing out the 3 miles in an hour and three minutes. Which means I did exactly what I wanted to do.
In case you do want to run a 5k, here are some things I recommend:
  1. Train: Even if it is walking around the neighborhood. Eventually add more and more miles so that on the day of, you actually can make it all the way.
  2. Know your location: I should have been doing a lot of stair master workouts because those hills killed my legs. That would have been a great help to the whole event .
  3. Have game plan for the run: I honestly did not think that I would need to make a game plan but I’m glad I did. I figured out that if I were to get bored of the podcast I was going to listen to, I could run to some electronic music to keep me going. Luckily I only needed the podcast to keep me going. Also having water in the car for after is great.
  4. Enjoy: this is such a fun thing to do and it made me want to start running again. Which means that I 100% need to train for the next one
Even though I did not run the whole 5k or even one mile, I felt so good just being part of something so fun like that. And I look forward to doing it again. But this time with more running under my belt. All in all, the morning was so much fun and I totally recommend that everyone do a 5k race. It was full of moments where I had to tell and convince myself to do something I didn’t particularly like. Turns out, I actually listen.

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