Driving Through Resistance

The other day on my drive home from school, I encountered some pretty heavy winds. This isn’t too out of the ordinary since I’m used to having really harsh wind conditions hitting us pretty spontaneously. Anyway, if you’ve driven through some serious wind you know that I’m not lying when I say that driving through the wind is a bit challenging. Not only are you trying to drive the speed limit, since the wind feels like it’s slowing you down, but there’s also the fact that you need to keep your car in your own lane. And to be honest, driving in the wind is the perfect metaphor for my life right now.

I started a brand new quarter at my college and ever since it’s like I’ve been zigzagging all over my life (if it were a freeway). I’ve been letting my life be dictated by the things that are happening and not taking control to navigate myself forward. That meant letting go of things that are important to me like my health and fitness, personal development and this blog. Admitting that sucks, but it’s the truth.

     I’m finally taking the wheel back into my hands and course correcting for the rest of the year. I would say “life” but it’s all about baby steps. And with those baby steps, I’m making a conscious effort to implement things that are important to me back into my life. Especially my blog a.k.a my brain baby.

If you have, or haven’t noticed, I’ve changed the name of my blog yet again. Intentionally Trying to Be Authentic is the latest iteration of the blog. And I want to share the reasons why this may be the last name change.

  1. One of the main focuses in my life now is to be intentional about the things I say, do, eat, buy, etc. I really want my life to be filled with things that make me happy and I am going to make sure that I am mindful throughout the process of making my way through life.
  2. I also want to focus on being my authentic self. Not just in my day to day life, but online as well. It’s going to be hard to share all of my stories with you, the world, or anyone else that wants to read, but I know that someone will appreciate hearing a new perspective.

I have a lot planned so far for the new year and I can’t wait to bring you guys along with me. I’m finally going to be talking about all of the things I love (finally…) like planning, religion/spirituality, crystals, style, health, and everything else that comes with being a 21 year old on the precipice of change (a.k.a college graduation). While also sharing my personal life, I’m writing all of these posts with the intention that someone else can learn or take something from them. I think there’s a lot of power in words, mainly because I’m a writer and book lover, but also because there’s something to be said in the strength that it takes to open up and share what’s going on inside of you with the world.

So I’m looking forward to this new start. Keep your eyes open for posts coming your way soon! Just like in the photo, at the end of it all the sun is shining and there is hope for something greater.

See you soon!

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