Authenticity and the Holidays

When we think about the holiday season, it’s usually filled with joy, love and the people that we care about. And every year, we forget the struggle that comes with the holidays. Questions from family members, trying to find gifts, or finding ways to spend time with everyone you wan to becomes overwhelming. Especially the questions.
I’m pretty lucky that I really only spend time with my immediate family during the holidays. And since I live with them, I don’t get that many questions. But I still understand how difficult it is to answer the questions or comments we get about our lives. In the past, I’ve lied to make sure that I’m not really disappointing anyone and those white lies were. It is not the same as I’ve grown over the past year.
My challenge to myself has been to be authentic this holiday season. Not just in my own presentation but in the things I decide to do. As I’ll tell you guys next week, my life has been pretty crazy and from that I’ve learned to whittle down the amount of things I do just for my sanity. This challenge is hard because it means I have to be honest with myself and really listen to what is going on inside of me.
And I want to challenge all of you to be authentic as well. It’s easy to brush questions off or to do the same with comments. But try responding to them in a positive manner. Not to hurt the other person, but to protect yourself. There are a myriad of ways to politely tell someone that their comment is hurtful.
I know that this is not easy for a lot of people. So if you can’t be authentic with other, be authentic with yourself. Don’t let your emotions get bottled up and eventually cause emotional or mental stress. It’s not fun to let things boil up inside so try journaling or talkingĀ  to a friend you trust. Remember that this moment is only temporary and their comments and questions are not about you, but their own insecurities and projections of what they think life should be. Do what you do best and make the most of this holiday season.

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