Rediscovering My Passion for Planning

My time at college can accurately be placed side by side with what planner I was using and how often I was using it. During the beginning of the quarter, I was attached to my planner and would use it every day. I even color coded things accordingly. Then somewhere about halfway through I would completely abandon my planner. And the same thing has happened to me again.

I fell off of my love for my bullet journal and my traveler’s notebooks system that I was all too excited about this year. And I was not quite sure what to do with myself. So since my search to find a replacement planner is taken care of, since I was gifted a Catholic Planner, I decided to get back to basics.

With my love for bullet journaling and all of the habit trackers and gratitude lists and decor greatly diminished, I have been trying really hard to find something to restore my love for planning. And I am so glad to have found it. Laura T has these planning sheets, weekly and daily, to keep life in check. (And before I continue, I would like to point out that I am not getting any money from this and really am promoting the sheets because I love them.)

Copy of AD daily plan

Anyways, this daily planner sheet has made planning fun again. Obviously, I tend to fill my to do list with all of the things that I need to do in the day. But my favorite part is the “Focus” and “Gratitude” sections. I personally use the “Focus” section for my daily affirmation since I’ve been taking part in a challenge this month. And I really like using the “Gratitude” section to reflect on what made me smile that day.

I really like using this system of putting down my three big tasks for the day and writing my goals on the weekly sheet. And then transferring over those points to my daily sheet. It really makes being intentional with my time easier and is visually pleasing once it’s all laid out for me.

AD Weekly and daily plan bundle

I would totally suggest checking out Laura’s etsy page  if your interested in trying out a new planning system or even just looking to make your planing more intentional. She’s got a ton of sheets to try so check those out. Also check out her blog for some really cool articles and keep on the lookout here for more in depth conversations with Laura that are coming soon.

Good luck with your planning!


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