Mind Mapping and Goal Setting

As we’ve seen in my planner post, I love finding ways to achieve my goals. For me personally, I need to write things out and make them visible. The manifestation of my written work and seeing it on paper makes it a little more real to me. That’s why I love doing mind maps.

I was first introduced to this idea when I bought my first Passion Planner. When I had seen  that I needed to map out my goals, I was immediately reminded of my time in middle or high school where we mapped out our essays. And I was not too happy about the idea of mind mapping. But I did it any way. All goals that I set for myself didn’t really come into fruition since I completely disregarded that planner after a few weeks.

Now, I’m looking at a PDF version of the creator’s road map and I think it’s a pretty great way to visualize your goals for your future. I haven’t followed her instructions on how to mind map, but I am going to soon and I’ll post it onto my Instagram.

If you don’t want to have a specific set of rules to follow, there is another way. I like to put the month in the middle and put my major goals surrounding it. Then I surround those goals with things to do and deadlines to meet all of my goals. This way you list out all the things and how to get there withing the month.

Just some advice: be realistic. You know yourself better than anyone and while it’s nice to put loft goals in place, it can become overwhelming. Don’t forget your schedule and what your willing to make time for also dictates how this month will go. So don’t be afraid to get honest with yourself.

You  could also map out your month in terms of your values. Or your major obligations. It’s entirely up to you! Have fun with it and use it as a tool to motivate you to get things done no matter what time of year it is.


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