Learn to be Patient and Trust

Before I get into today’s topic, I would like to say sorry for not keeping up with my schedule last week. Things just got a bit overwhelming and I could not bring myself to do certain tasks. I would also like to say thank you for being patient with me.

In this last week, I had to learn to be patient with myself and oh man, was it hard. I thought that I was relaxed enough after my weekend trip to visit one of my best friends, but that most certainly was not the case. I spent the next three days dragging myself through the things I needed to do. I was reluctant to do homework and put it off, only to be asked to provide a favor for a family member (no big deal but it threw me off). And I immediately got really overwhelmed with all the work I needed to do for that class alone.

By Wednesday night, I was feeling sufficiently drained and decided to take the night off. Giving myself that permission was so hard. I actually even stared at my computer screen for about and hour before finally deciding that that was not productive, or healthy for that matter. So like grandma, I climbed into bed around 9 pm and slept. It turns out that was exactly what I had needed.

And then, without warning things fell into place. I was able to wake up the next day refreshed and ready to do anything. I made the most of my time in every activity. I was at my optimum. I even made it through a weekend of fun activities.

When we least expect it, listening to other controlling factors in our lives can be a good thing. Listening to our bodies or just adhering to the things that are most important can reflect something good back to you.

I recently mentioned that I hadn’t been to Weight Watchers in awhile. So much so that as of today, it will be a month since the last time I went. and because of this, I was dreading going back because my immediate reaction was to assume that I had gained all this weight back. I almost didn’t even get out of my car to get weighed. But I did. And I surprised myself when I was told that I had lost 5 pounds. Can you imagine that shock?

It’s hard not to judge yourself for the things you do or don’t do. Even when we think that we don’t judge ourselves, we probably do. And getting to a place where judgement is the last thing you do takes a lot of work. Looking for the positive in the situation or even ourselves is not weak or naive. It’s what keeps us going; hope is the biggest motivation of all. So why not hope a little and give the universe a chance?


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