Staying Organized in College

As I write this, I realize that I’ll never fully be able to be able to “have my shit together”. Why? Because my planner is a reflection is my life. And I have gone through so many planners and systems just to find one.

Everyone often says that having a planner is the best tool for success. I agree with them, 100 percent. But everyone has different tastes and needs. So sometimes, the journey to being organized is a little difficult and overwhelming.

I’m here to say: don’t worry. The best part about finding a planning system that works for you is that at the end of it, you feel much calmer. Trust me I’ve tried everything. From regular Target planners, to the Passion Planner and eventually to the Bullet Journal system, I have been through the planner ringer.

The hardest part about the whole thing is when the planner I was trying to use, didn’t have space for what I wanted and then went unused. That’s when my life would go a little crazy. In my case having everything written down and planned out makes me feel a lot calmer and as though I can tackle the long to do list. So when I wasn’t satisfied with a planner, my life was a mess. I would even try digital planners, especially since I thought it would be the most convenient and less stressful way to keep on top of things. But I would never remember to do things because I didn’t write them down.

I’m not saying that paper planners are the shit, but want I want is for you to take notice of your habits when you are trying to be more organized. Sometimes digital planers are the way to go and others need paper and pen.

The best times to switch things up is in the summer when things are less crazy but you still have things to do. Changing planners in the middle of the quarter or semester is asking for you to forget somethings and you may end up with a bit of stress when things pile up. During breaks, planners can be easily changed.

As for me I am using a Midori traveler’s notebook system and bullet journaling in it. It’s been the best addition to my life. I wish you the best of luck on the quest to being organized.


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