Following the Path of Most Resistance

This week, okay so Monday, I was feeling a ton of resistance. Not just to school work but going to class. And staying in bed. Immediately, my mind thought the worst and jumped to conclusions about my mental health. But after calming myself and my thought down, I figured out where this resistance was coming from.
Last week, in an effort to get ahead of my school work, I pushed myself to do a lot of work. And I was successful. I am almost done with a rough draft of my term paper and I am at least a week ahead on my other work. That also meant that I spent most of my time focusing only on my school work. On top of that, I was getting over a cough and cold. It also doesn’t help that I had a busy and fun filled weekend. I realized I pushed myself too much last week and did not give my body and mind time to catch up.
And I think this is something that we all do, regardless if you’re in college or not.
Usually, I would say pushing through the resistance will allow you to get to something greater. Maybe it’s with something out of your comfort zone or a challenge that will lead to something new learned. But in this case, I’ve learned resistance can also mean slow down.
Sometimes, the best thing to do is to rely on practices that you know are going to help you keep balance in a crazy time. For me, I like to have a morning routine set in place. But now I’m also trying to add a fitness and night routine as well so that my days are balanced. It will take time, but all good things come with a bit of patience.
So, today I am allowing myself to not do anything once I am home from school. I even treated myself to a new subscription box for tea and I am “planning” a self care night. I do have things to do and my hope is that if I take the time for self care, I will be better able to focus on Wednesday and throughout the rest of the week.
Next time you feel drained or any sort of resistance, look a little deeper and give yourself the love you need so that you can tackle the things you need to do.

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