A Plus-Sized Girl’s Guide to Not Feeling Shame at a Theme Park

Oh how funny life works. Sometimes, when you least expect it, life reminds you that there are things to be done. And amusement parks are home to the greatest reminders. I think most people who are plus size, overweight or obese can relate.

Fat-Shaming at a Theme Park

Before you come after me, I know that there have to be restrictions to people riding the rides. Obviously safety is really important and I would never want to do anything to risk someone else’s safety.

That being said, there are limited options for most plus sized people when going to theme parks.

And it’s not fun when you’re going in a group and you’re the one booted off.

Luckily a little self deprecating humor as a deflection device of any embarrassment and the day was not a total loss. In the end, all of us going to the amusement park together made the day great. That’s not to say I did not come out unscathed.

Why it Happened and What I’m Doing About it

Let’s start out with the fact that I am big. I am overweight and it is something that I’ve had to accept over time. Not necessarily easy, but it’s my reality. Because I’ve learned that I can’t live in a dream where I am the “ideal” weight.

That has been incredibly hard for me in my life. And like some people, I felt a lot of hatred towards my body. For not looking a certain way. For not just “magically” looking the way I want to. And just for being different. But I’ve come to accept that I did this to myself.

And I’ve learned to push past the blame and accept what I have done in the past. Since most of the weight has come because of emotional eating habits during stressful times. It does not mean that I have become complacent with it.

I was reminded me of the fear I have of not being able to fit in an airplane seat. It reminded me that I never want to be the one to miss out on life because of my size.  Since the event, I decided to really commit to eating well and working out. So why not push and challenge myself if the outcome will be better than my current reality?

Thoughts on Shame

If you can relate, you don’t have to be ashamed of what size you are. And sometimes it can be really hard, trust me I know.

Try to surround yourself with people that you really trust and feel safe with. This way when something like this does happen, you will have someone to confide in. That’s what I was missing and I ended up wanting to crawl back into a shell because of it. And that’s not how life was meant to be lived.

If you end up with some negative feelings, work them out. Use them as a jumping off point for something better for yourself. Or use them to remind you who you want around you when things like that happen. Shame and other “bad” feelings only have as much power as you give it. So make it yours.


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