Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Self-Care?

I saw an article on Buzzfeed the other day about how lifestyle bloggers and Youtubers are making money off of the Self care movement. And this only slightly irritated me because I do believe that self care is essential. But I do think is that self care is getting lost in translation.

When we read or see what other people do for self care, we tend to go out and buy things or experiences that serve as “self care”. In reality, we don’t need to do this. Self care has been made a bit more complicated than it needs to be and I found something that might make it a bit easier.

We want to get WASTED (no not literally):

Wake up early

Anticipate a productive day

Stay hydrated

Take a vitamin (or your medication/s)

Exercise and/or Eat clean

Don’t stay up too late

Self care does not have to be anything extreme or fancy. It can be as boring as making sure that you actually get your car cleaned or just putting on some clean clothes.

In the realm of the media, self care is made to be something that you only do once in a while and is luxurious. But it doesn’t have to be. It can also e the little things that you do for yourself.

Boring self care
Originally from the heartmob Instagram page

This not only makes self care possible, but it takes off all of the pressure to make your time for self care perfect. If anything, having “perfect” self care is more harmful in the way that it could cause some anxiety or stress when there is no need to be.

Before I go, I want to remind everyone that self care looks different for everyone. For some people it is all about the presentation and the things they do. And for others it doesn’t need to be. Self care comes in all shapes and sizes so there is no need to be hard on yourself if yours doesn’t look like someone else’s.


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