Week 4 Reflection: Shedding the Shame

How often do you notice your your body? For me, most of the time it is when I’m in pain that I notice my body the most. I can get when I very particular in the way I move or even sit because of the pain I feel.

I noticed this when earlier this week, I felt my back hurting when I woke up one morning. The rest of the day I made sure to not do certain things for fear of more pain. After doing my stretches and resting, my back stopped hurting.

It’s not surprising what our bodies can do and yet we tend to take them for granted. I challenged myself this week to be a little more mindful about my body. And while I haven’t been consistent, I have tried. It’s not easy to listen to your body when you haven’t been really taught to do so. But this is a very important part of self care.

Sometimes we forget to listen to our bodies and when we do, we tend to feel the effects of it later. We all do it. We push ourselves really hard for a day and then wonder why we feel so tired and drained the next day.

To who ever is reading, I would like to challenge you to be more mindful of your body and how it feels throughout the day. Remember that even if you don’t want to, slowing down my just be essential to making sure you have a good day.


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