Dear Body, I Love You Because…

If this isn’t a hard question, then I don’t know what is.

Welcome back to the Shedding the shame challenge. It is already week 4. I cannot believe that the first weigh in is coming up next week and that we are finally going to see what happened over this somewhat short period of time.

But for now, let’s get to answering the question: “Why do I love my body?”

I think that a lot a lot of women face the reality that we do not appreciate our bodies enough. I even admit to not saying the nicest things to myself. It’s such a common practice. In the media or in the conversations we have with friends or family, we are mean about the way that we look.

But we have so much to be grateful for (this is where the answer comes in). It is really hard to remember this, we have a body that functions. It doesn’t have to be perfect and it keeps us alive and well.

I tend to be really ungrateful towards my body. I don’t ever take into account that I am able to walk around or really do anything that I love to do. That is until I hurt my back. At the worst of it, I was bedridden for a day. I couldn’t move and getting out of the bathroom took at least 20 minutes. It was terrible.

Then, I started to realize all of the things I missed doing like running and being able to get out of bed without aching. As I recover, I find myself itching to run again. But I’ve decided to talk it slow and just walk as I regain some strength. But I have a new appreciation for it.

It’s hard sometimes to think of your body positively as we live in a society that wants us to continue to aspire to achieve the “ideal”. And it is definitely a challenge to think and remind yourself of the things that you are grateful for. Especially when it comes to your body.

If I were to say something to my body, I would say “I’m sorry”. Not just for all of the mean things I’ve said but for not taking care of it. But I would also remind it that I am working on it. Just like we all are. So remember to be kind and to be grateful because that’s where growth comes from.


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