Shedding the Shame: Week 3 Reflection

I love food. And not even the food that’s “good” for you, like pizza and fries. And this week’s question got me thinking about food classification. Because if you think about it, we all do it. We all fall into the trap for deciding that we shouldn’t eat something because it isn’t good for us or because we ate something similar earlier in the day.

Of course, there are foods that aren’t going to lead towards the ultimate goal of weight-loss and foods that are. But that doesn’t mean that eating them is going to be the “make or break” of any regimen.

When we remember that our food is meant to fuel our bodies, we can start letting go of the constant control that we place on on our food. This by no means is supposed to be easy. And if we’re being completely honest, I’ve only just started this hard journey to letting go of control of my food. But it’s honestly, been a huge help to my healing process.

As some of you know, I hurt my back and I’ve been resting for almost 2 weeks now. On top of that I went through a period of change in my eating habits. I wasn’t eating food like I wanted to via the Zone Diet and I was also not really able to be cooking due to some pain.

Because of this I’ve been way more aware of when I’m actually hungry and figuring out how much I actually need to eat in order to keep going. Most of the time I realized I was just thirsty. But then after that, I would find that I just craved protein.

So although I’ve strayed from eating strict meals that I’ve planned, I’ve been just focusing on eating so that I am okay to make it through my day. If that means that I get a burger now instead of another dish later, I’m okay with it. And sometimes you have to be just willing to go with it. It’s not easy and it’s not the most fun, but if you begin to remind yourself that the thoughts you have towards food are not helpful you will be able to make more strides with your food.

I’ve been so happy to see this change in point of view over the past few weeks because I used to be so judgmental of the food I would eat. So much to the point where I would feel guilty for eating out. Or even guilty for the things I would decide to eat. But even these thoughts are not healthy.

Just like when you think of negative comments about yourself, making judgments and causing emotional stress over your food is damaging to your mental and emotional health. I don’t know if I’m ever not going to feel bad about eating out, but I know that if I start fixing my mistake now, I’ll, sooner rather than later, be able to feel comfortable with these decisions.

Just like with anything you are trying to do, your mental and emotional health play a big role.  Even if you don’t think it will, it just might. Through understanding those effects, you’ll be better able to accomplish what ever goal you’ve sent. And that’s the purpose of the “Shedding the Shame” challenge. See you guys soon!


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