Shedding the Shame: Week 3 Question

Hey guys! I hope you’ve had an amazing weekend and a great start to your week. Let me recap some things for you guys.

So I mentioned last week that I had to take time off for my back and I am still on an exercise hiatus. Which does suck but it does open up more time for me. So I’ve been taking advantage of self-care.

Speaking of self-care, I took my first personal retreat. I feel so much better and rejuvenated now. Most of my days at work, I would feel like I was hitting a slump around 2pm. Now that I’ve taken a day to regroup and to move forward with my personal care, I feel more inclined to stick to my habits.

This obviously isn’t going to be the end all be all or the magical thing that restores me every time I do it. But it is really important to take time to really make sure that you are okay. But that is for another post.

This weeks question is:

“What is your relationship with food like? Write it a letter as if it were a person.”

My relationship with food has always been divided into categories. Food is either good or bad. It is either too much or too little. I was constantly being judged by either myself or others for the things I decided to eat. And in the end it’s not a great relationship.

Besides all of that, I also tend to eat my emotions. Which as some people know is the reason why we gain weight. I have been so bad at this over the years, but recently it’s died down as I start to reflect a bit before eating a meal. That still doesn’t mean that I don’t do it.

What I wish my relationship with food was like is me eating clean foods when I’m hungry. Or even to be able to eat something without judging it for not being what it “should be”.

I think a lot of this goes hand in hand with the way that we are raised in our society. We see images of the ideal woman, who is way different from reality and force ourselves to try to be like them.

In all my life, I don’t think my body or size was really celebrated. Even if it was just for it the plain and simple fact that it is functioning. I have always been so judgmental for everything that my body is not and I think that spills over into the way that I see food.

Now that I’ve been working on this challenge, I do see myself judging my food choices less and less. I am conscious of what I put into my body and also making sure that I truly am hungry before eating.

So when you go about your week, try to be a little mindful about the food and how it affects your body. Because it may make a world of a difference.


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