Project 333 and My Minimalism

Like I mentioned in my first post, I will be posting random articles that I feel also relate to health and wellness.

I’m going to be talking about minimalism in regards to health and wellness today. First I do want to define minimalism, in my own words. I define minimalism about removing that things that don’t add value to your life or don’t use. And it’s not about the amount of things that you own or even the amount of things you get rid of, but the way that the stuff you do have affects you.

I’ve seen a lot of misconceptions about minimalism, but believe what you will. I actually do like minimalism and have been embracing it more and more. This especially started in December 2016.

I watched The Minimalist’s documentary on Netfilx and I was hooked. Everything they talked about and their way of living actually resonated with me, a broke college student who lives at home.

The next year, I started pulling clothes and shoes from my closet. I have gotten rid of things I don’t need and have been trying to downsize the amount of items that I do have. As I’ve been doing this, I feel so much more free and less tied down by my items.

I especially got rid of a lot of clothes and shoes that I don’t like, wear, or just don’t fit me. And I just started Project 333. Which is having 33 items including clothes, shoes and accessories. It took me some time to curate the things that I would need over the next few months but I made sure to have enough clothes to carry me through different events.

Right now, minimalism is me just realizing how much stuff I have around me. And how much I’m actually using it. For example, when I went to college I packed up a bunch of things from my old room and left it behind at home. And not once have I really needed what was in there. So I am working on getting rid of those things.

I am also trying to downsize the lose papers and documents I have just so I have everything in one place. I find it super easy to just keep everything light and simple. But it’s not easy. I do find it worth it especially since it frees up some thinking space and worries about the things I own. Why stress yourself out about ill fitting clothes when you could just get rid of them?


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