Shedding the Shame:Week 1 Question

Hey guys!

I am so excited to start the Shedding the Shame journey. Yesterday, since it was my day off, I meal prepped everything according to the Zone Diet. And man was that exhausting. But I am so happy about it. Although I was one dinner short, I made sure that I kind of stuck to my plan.

But today I kicked it up full force and I am feeling pretty good. I am going to be making changes to my workouts but that is for another blog. Before I continue though, I am going to be posting additional blogs that align with my views of health and wellness so that we can all see how the outside factors can affect our health.

Moving on….

For this week, the Question is “My biggest barrier to weight loss is…. and this is why…”. 

I feel like this is a question that we think of a lot. “If only I exercised more…” or “I need to change my eating habits…” But today, while I’m at work, I will be answering this honestly.

In my life, I have started multiple programs that were geared for weight loss. And every time, I end up stopping. I run pretty full force to begin with and then it fizzles out. So if I had to pin point the biggest barrier to my weight loss, it would be laziness.

A lot of the time, it takes tons of effort in order to make losing weight a reality. And sometimes I just don’t make the time or get myself to do something when I need to. I have made a bunch of excuses as to why I can’t meal prep/workout/ or go to the gym. And they all pretty much suck.


I saw this on Pinterest the other day and I was like “Damn….this speaks to me.” So this time around, when I start to feel like not doing what I need to be doing, I will remind myself that my health is important to me.

I’ve actually been doing this recently. I have had a hard time getting up for morning workouts and I would sleep through the time I have for it. But when I started rephrasing, “But I’m too tired” to “I don’t want to lose weight and be healthy” I started getting up. I think this is something that we can all do. It feels really harsh at first, because it is and no one wants to be mean to you, but after a while you realize that it’s just the kick that you need.


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