A New Project

Hey guys!

I am starting a new journey in regards to my health and wellness. I am calling it “Shedding the Shame”.

So I have come to realize that I have this deep rooted sense of shame because of my previous weight-loss failures. And a lot of this is holding me back from achieving new success and making a long lasting change in my life.

And I want to get rid of that shame and the weight. So I am going to be writing about my journey to health and wellness. Not just in regards to diet and exercise, but also through mindset, thoughts, emotions, and environment as all of these things do impact us more than we would like to realize.

So every week, I will post on Tuesday which will have a deep question I am following from this pin. And on Fridays I will do a weekly recap with a photo. So in total I will be doing this for 30 weeks and I will weigh myself every 5 weeks to track my progress. I won’t share the exact numbers, but I will share with you how much I do lose.

I know this isn’t going to be easy, but it will be a worthwhile journey. As of yesterday, August 3rd, the Shedding the Shame Project has begun.

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