You Are Your Own Worst Enemy

This past Tuesday, I was sitting in the office where I work at on campus and listening to the most interesting conversation. We had a student who was arguing his case, in circles really, and demanding that the wrong that occurred “to him” be fixed. I write that in quotes because I do think he’s the one to blame for the whole issue. But I’m not talking about that whole mess.

What I pulled out of this conversation is that when we are wrong or want something to go our way so much that we ignore our faults, we become our worst enemy. No matter who you’re up against, you are probably going to lose because you are ignoring the truth.

I’m not to say that sticking up for yourself or fighting your case in a situation where you are wronged is bad. But I am saying that fighting just so that you can get your way is pretty ridiculous.

But we do this all the time. Not just with others but with ourselves as well. We tend to be the biggest roadblock that we face on any journey. And when we realize that, we are able to do so much more that we were hoping for.

And I learned this the hard way, twice. Once during the school year and I realized that I was lying to myself that I was “fine” to continue to be in an organization. The second one though has been more recent and not as dramatic as the first. Since starting to take my weight loss and health seriously, I’ve realized I am my biggest road block.

I would stay in bed even though I was awake when I should have gone running. I would close my eyes and sleep more even though I wasn’t tired. And a whole other slew of things to prevent myself from going to running or to go workout. And then I would complain that I need to lose weight and that it’s so hard. Yet I’m still not doing anything different to prevent myself from getting in my way.

So I changed it. I was talking to my godmother who told me that I should just go. Without thinking about it, just go and do whatever it is that you need to do in order to get back on track. And I knew that. Just going one day, makes all the other days easier, which also helped me realize that I can’t take off days. I just need to make them slow days.

And I did. This week I have been dealing with a lot of lower back pain and Monday I refused to run. I did think I was able to do it but I decided that it would be best to rest a bit longer. On Tuesday I did make it out to walk/jog. And the rest of this week followed suit. I’m not saying it was easy; I’m saying that it got done. Which is all I could ask for.

So next time you are trying to do something or are really arguing for something the way that you see it, take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Maybe even talk to someone you really trust. Just see if you are seeing this from all angles. Or maybe even listen to what your gut is telling you to do. Maybe then you will be able to make better decisions and reach your goal.

Besides, a little soul searching can’t be that bad.


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