Positivity Journal: Mindset Shifts

Hey guys! Just as I got off of writing my first mini-series on the blog, I thought I would introduce a new idea. And it’s called the “Positivity Journal”. So in this segment, I want to tell you guys about good things that happen, small wins, and how to get to this point. And I also like sharing these things with you and maybe they will give you a different perspective.

Today’s positivity journal is about changing mindsets.

“Health isn’t just about what you’re eating. It’s also about what you’re thinking and saying too.”

Recently I made a commitment to myself to actually take care of my health, specifically through weight loss. So, I started on a new Nike Running program to get my running journey started. I’ve always loved running and I haven’t run in such a long time that I am currently hurting a bit. I conquered the first week of running and fell back in love with running.

So this is the second week of the training program and I missed the Monday run. I’m not going to lie,  I was just being lazy and did not do it. But my mom and I had planned to go to the gym after we both got home from work, so I figured that I would make it up then. When she got home, she let me know that she would not be going to the gym that night since she was exhausted. So that meant I wasn’t going either (my mom has a Planet Fitness membership and takes me as her guest). And after that conversation, I decided that I was just going to push my run to Wednesday morning.

That was that; I went into my room and printed out pictures for a new page in my vision journal (which I will talk about in a later post). When I went back to get to the new page, I stopped at my pages for my fitness goals. And I remembered a quote I saw on Pinterest, “Instead of saying ‘I don’t have time’ try saying ‘It’s not a priority’ and see how that feels.” After seeing my goals and thinking of the quote, I decided to do a workout on the elliptical that we have at the house.

This was a huge step for me. Normally, I would have brushed off the urge to run (and the guilt) and continued to do whatever activity it is that I was doing. But I changed that. And that small step has made a significant amount of changes:

  1. I got back on track with my running. That’s a big deal.
  2. I was able to get up early again, without problems, to continue my running plan.

Just one small act of remembering a quote really spoke volumes to me and reminded me of what I’ve been saying all this time. My health is a priority. Even if it’s taken me this long to actually act upon, now the right choices are being made to benefit me in the future.

Have you also been guilty of talking a big game in regards to a priority of yours and not really done anything about it? Find something that motivates you to go out and do it. Or think back to the second quote and think that if you continue to not make time for this priority then it must not be that important to you. And sit on the way that feels for a moment. If it doesn’t make you feel upset, determined, or any type of way, then maybe this thing is not a priority.  And if it does make you feel some type of way, get up and go do what ever it is that you need to do.

I wish you the best of luck!


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