Failed Attempt at Avoiding Burning Out

With the end of the school year just around the quarter, I’ve finally accepted that I am burning out. However I did not expect to be this burnt put, especially as I am just approaching midterms for this quarter. Seriously, I’ve been wishing for classes to be cancelled every week. But this past Monday was the worst bout of resistance that I’ve had all quarter.

I actually did a lot in the morning to start my day off right: I ate breakfast, meditated, did yoga, read and did my normal skin care routine. By the time I was out the door, I was feeling so good and ready for the day. I normally am dreading my first class, but I was feeling so good that I walked into that class feeling amazing.
While I was at work, waiting for my shift to end and to go to my next class I noticed that I felt the need to cry. And not just a few tears, but like a whole session to just get everything out. The last time that I felt this way was when I was stressed from my sorority meetings. It was that level of crying.
In that moment, I realized just how much I hated my class and did not want to go. Because in all reality, I can’t handle any more than the two classes I really need to take. Not that this dance class is a lot of work. But it’s requirements are taking up mental space that I don’t have.
Because I had no idea what to do about this class, I looked to a few friends for advice. Then I realized how much I look to other people for validation to do the things I need to do. Even after my friends assured me that I wasn’t being a wimp- my own thoughts- for just not going to my dance class, I still worried about my parents judging me for not going to my class. Even though I didn’t really explain everything fully, just hearing them supporting my decision to not worry about that class anymore was a load off my shoulders.
I should have changed this class when I first thought about switching classes. And I should have listened to myself when I realized that this was not the class that I wanted to take. Even if we don’t want to admit it, the initial feelings or gut reactions we get about things are usually right. And if we aren’t listening to them, the universe will remind us that we should.
I know that listening to our gut, or intuition, or feelings, is not necessarily the easiest or most feasible option, especially if you have limited options, but it usually is the most rewarding. Life is full of complicated decisions and events that make life the beautiful mess that it is. But if we listen to our gut, our lives will be a lot more balanced and more fulfilling. Or maybe even less stressful. But we won’t know unless we try.
It’s a lesson that I am working on learning and I look forward to getting better at recognizing what my gut is telling me.
Do you listen to your gut?

Living Our Imagined Lives

The other day I was reading a book for class and the main character talked about imagined lives. You know exactly what I mean. Those daydreams and fantasies you have of your life. I love to escape to my imagined life, mostly because it is aligned with my best version of myself.

And while normally this would be shrugged off, I think these imagined lived are important. The person we usually imagine ourselves to be is a better version of ourselves. We’re confident, bold and unafraid. For me, my “best” imagined self is at a healthy weight. This version of us is the person we are meant to become. Why? Because this is what most of us work toward.

Whether we know it or not our spirit or souls wants these things because we are meant for them. We are the only ones that are able to give us what we truly want. However, we are our greatest roadblock.

When I got my tarot reading, I was told that the reason I am not getting things I want is because I’m in my way. Why? Because I don’t believe the possibility or even the slightest chance that it will work. I bet a lot of people do the same.

So why not just believe, even for a moment? Try asking yourself what can go wrong or right? We can even start by writing affirmations multiple times like Sam Brown does. Or we can just tell it to ourselves daily. Believing these imagined lives can happen is the only  part of the answer. Hard work and dedication really make the imagined lives come to life.

So start believing and commit to putting in the work. I know I need to.

What can you do to make your imagined life a reality?


A Little More Self Lovin’

Hey guys!
If you haven’t noticed, this little corner of the internet got a new name. So welcome to Living Life Unplanned.
Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about life after college and then panicking shortly after. This is the first year, of my life, that I have no plan. To say it scares me, is stating the obvious. Which led to me changing the name of the blog.
Anyway, one of the things that I’ve picked up on is giving myself some love. I’ve always struggled with being nice to myself and just understanding what it is I really need. I’ve had the really cool pleasure of talking with Chelsea (@thenewagemystic on Instagram) when she did a tarot read for me. (Side note: things will get a little more “woo” because I find it super interesting). One of the biggest takeaways that I had was that I need to focus on is giving myself some self love.
I’ve really gotten into the habit of doubting myself and just questioning everything that I do. Which leads me to really getting in too deep with my emotions. Not to say that being emotional is bad, but I let these thoughts of doubt allow me to feel as though I am not enough.
So I started to make shifts in the way that I talk to myself. It was hard at first, but now I have gotten a lot better. I realized that my self talk, especially when I am under some sort of pressure, would slip into telling me that I’m not good enough in a variety of ways. The hard part of this is to stop the thought and say to yourself that the negative self talk is a lie. That you are good enough.
It’s become really easy to say, now especially since it’s trending, that we can be a “potato” or that we are a “trash” person. Even if it is a joke, I think there is a hidden truth behind using these words. While we may think that these words are harmless, they feed into the negative thoughts that we often think of ourselves.
If your friend was staying that they were a “trash” person for not texting you back in a timely matter, even if you know that they are a busy person, would you let what they say about themselves slide? I wouldn’t- I would negate that instantly and remind them that they are awesome, even if they don’t text me back. So why not do this for ourselves?

We are our toughest critic and yet we are expected to be our first friend. Let’s try bringing down the negative self talk and go from there.

Baby steps…

Creating a Solid Schedule and Sticking to It

Since last week I talked to you guys about my bullet journal process, I thought I’d share a few tips on setting a schedule. Whether you’re starting a new quarter like I am or you are just picking up where you left off, or if your not in school at all, setting a schedule can be a bit difficult.
While I was in my Fall quarter, a blogger I follow (Sam Brown from the Smart Twenties Blog) had a limited run class about creating a study schedule. And there were several things that I loved that I think can be applied to everyone when creating a schedule.
1. Treat your calendar as if it were set in stone
The first thing that i seem to do when I put my schedule in a calendar is to ignore it and go back to doing whatever it is that I was doing before. Which usually means only taking work and classes seriously. But when I make a point at looking at my schedule constantly, I tend to stick to doing things when I plan to.
2. Make time for things that are important to you
Tt’s really easy to just put in the really important stuff that you have to commit to and not put in the stuff you want to be doing. Putting in fun events makes your calendar look a little nicer and it also gives you something to look forward to.
3. Schedule down time
When I see jam packed calendars I immediately just get tired. Putting in some down time makes getting things done a little easier. Making time for breaks is not going against productivity but a self care practice that we sometimes forget about until we burn out.
Also when working on projects for an extended period of time, try using the Pomodoro technique  in order to promote productivity and to make tasks seem less daunting.
4. Try not to put too many things on a to-do list
This is usually hard for me because I am always remembering the things that i need to do while i am doing other things. Once I put them on a list, I feel pressure to complete it all and I convince myself that I can do it all in one day. The reality is that getting all the boxes checked off is not a reality sometimes. There are bound to be restrictions that limit your ability to get things done. So try not to put so much pressure on yourself. Maybe you can even try using an Eisenhower Box to help figure out what to focus on.

But how do you actually stick to a schedule?

Honestly, I’m still trying to convince myself that getting out of bed is a good idea even though all I want is to stay in bed. What I’m trying to say is that it is all up to you. I don’t have any secret methods to propel you through your day. You have to be able to find things that make you want to keep going. I was told once that we should do the things we love and honestly that can help move you through your day. So make time to do things you love.

If you have any tips on how to stick to your schedule or planning tips comment below! Or share this with someone struggling to get their schedule in order.

Making Bullet Journals Simpler

Last but most certainly not least. Bullet journals tend to have really extravagant or creative layouts that look really nice. I get super jealous because who wouldn’t want their own bullet journal to look that nice.
While using tons of washi tape and drawings or super complicated set ups work for some people, I’ve learned that I really like super simple layouts. Most of which are aesthetically pleasing because of the way that they turn out. That happened over time. And one of my favorite things to make bullet journaling a lot simpler are the stamps I’ve purchased by INKYJENG. I promise that I’m not sponsored, I really just love her stamps.
I saw a youtuber using her stickers to set up a future log and when I found her Etsy shop I was so excited to see stamps. Truth be told, I used to scrapbook with my mom and stamps are like my favorite thing. So when I found out that someone was making stamps for bullet journals I got excited. I’ve also bought a stencil from her that I love to use to set up my water tracker.
Another shop that I found to be useful is BohoBerryPaperie. She’s got a youtube channel and a blog that covers tons of different bullet journaling topics. Plus her shop has tons of cute stickers to use in your bullet journal.
Lastly, I was looking for some stencils to use and found Jayden’sApple. It’s another Etsy shop that pretty much has just stencils that fit inside the little pocket in the back of a bullet journal. I’ve been eyeing the 3 piece set for some time now but haven’t pulled the trigger yet.
All of these things make getting things set up in the journal super simple because if you have large handwriting like me, fitting numbers in a small box is not easy. It may be a little more time consuming to put everything together, but I think it’s worth it. Crafting has always allowed me to relax and setting up my bullet journal is a fun way to take a break. So I’m more willing to take the time to stamp things out and to trace things out. This might not be for you and that’t okay.
Take your time to find what you like
PS: Check out my Instagram for a final flip through!

Bullet Journaling as a Student

As a student, time seems to be pretty limited. Between classes, homework, meetings and more, it can seem pretty redundant to make a bullet journal. But if we keep things simple, they can be super helpful.
Since I’m using my bullet journal as my planner, I thought that it would be super helpful to put in some spreads to help make keeping track of things super simple.
My first page that I have is going to be a simple sheet that will have all of the important information for the class. It’s blank right now because my classes haven’t started yet, but I’m going to be putting in who the professor is, email, office hours, and class time. I also have a section for the most important dates for the specific class like midterms or essays that are due. The next three pages are going to have a checklist of things that I have to do for that week.
Old class assignments 
This is the simplest spread that I came up with for keeping track of my classes because at the end of the day I don’t want to keep referencing the syllabus for the readings I have to do. Because if I don’t have it that could make getting work done a littler harder. Also it spreads out all the assignments according to the week they need to be completed. So I have a better understanding of what is going on in my week.
Of course there are other ways to track things for school in your bullet journal. Some Youtubers that I love are Caitlinscorner and planningwithkay. They have different videos with different spreads. Honestly they are super addicting.
Even though bullet journals seems to be really time consuming, they are helpful with helping you remember your assignments. I’m a firm believer that writing things down helps with remembering what you need to do. Hopefully this helps you keep on top of your classes.

Bullet Journal Blunders

Before I get into some of the things that I like to do in my bullet journal, I just want to remind you that bullet journals are meant to be imperfect.
I know that sounds crazy, especially because most of the bullet journals we see online are really aesthetically pleasing or really crafty. But none of that is totally necessary and if you watch some youtube videos about bullet journals, most people make mistakes.
Yup, you heard it here folks. People are not 100% perfect when they make their bullet journals. When most people make bullet journals, they sometimes have a second one to plan things out or they find ways to make the page look nice even after the mistake.
Common ways to fix mistakes are:
  • washi tape
  • white out (duh)
  • cutting another page from a similar notebook on top of the one that has the mistake
  • taping or gluing the two pages together
  • doodles
So if you make a mistake, don’t worry and don’t beat yourself up for it. We are always going to make mistakes as long as we are human. If you’re a robot then you might not make mistakes… I know I make mistakes.
What mistakes have you made while making your bullet journal?